Our team consistently work towards contributing to clinical research in knee orthopaedic disorders. We present at numerous national and international meetings, conferences and presentations. We strive to spread our knowledge, findings and techniques to guide individuals in the field of orthopaedics worldwide.

Hip and Knee Summit 2022 Bali, Indonesia

Dr David Parker spoke about Multiligament injuries of the knee at the Hip and Knee Summit 2022 in Bali, Indonesia.

At The Knee Institute we not only aim to provide top notch treatment for our patients, we also conduct research on knee injuries which helps advancing our knowledge and techniques.

20th Journe de Lyonaise conference, France

Dr. Jobe Shatrov had the honor of being invited onto the international faculty at the 20th Journe de Lyonaise conference in France. The meeting had over 1000 attendees from over 50 countries!

His research study based on his fellowship in Lyon, reported the long-term outcomes of isolated MPFL reconstruction in patients with patella instability.

Arthroscopic Surgery Workshop, Bangkok

Dr David Parker and Dr Brett Fritsch taught techniques on arthroscopic surgery on behalf of ISAKOS, in Bangkok. The workshop included surgeons from 16 different countries in Southeast Asia and Africa. Organised by Dr Parker and fellow colleagues from Thailand, it was an invaluable experience for all involved!