Patients undergoing arthroplasty (total or partial knee replacements), osteotomy, ligament reconstruction and patellofemoral surgeries with Dr Myles Coolican, Dr David Parker and Dr Brett Fritsch will be invited to participate in this research. The data collection is conducted by the Clinical Research Associates (CRAs) and Research Assistants (RAs). Participation is voluntary and your treatment will not be affected by whether you decide to participate or not. Before you decide whether or not you wish to participate in this study, it is important for you to understand why the research is being done and what it will involve.


The purpose of the data collection is to assess function, psychological well-being and patient satisfaction by asking the participants to complete standardised questionnaires and taking clinical measurements. The collected data from participants will be stored in our research database which will serve as a source of information for future research and clinical studies. The clinical information collected from the patients will allow us to determine the effectiveness of orthopaedic procedures, functional outcomes before and after surgery as well as patient reported outcomes measurements.


The data will be used to determine generalisations about orthopaedic disorders. The patients will be made aware of any individual outcomes, scores or results of any tests they have completed, but intraoperative and imaging data will not be routinely reported to the patient. Data will be de-identified prior to analysis and dissemination of results. Results will be reported as means and ranges. In some cases individual data might be reported, however it will be de-identifiable. Identifiable data for individual participants might be reported to the patient’s surgeon.

The results are intended to disseminate through local and international conferences by peer-review selection and through peer-reviewed journals.

Where is SORI?

After the initial consult with the surgeon, eligible patients are taken to the SORI office by a member of the surgeon’s team. It is located next door to the consulting rooms in Chatswood, and accessed from the same waiting room.



Before proceeding with the data collection process, all patients are given a detailed information sheet and a run-down of the procedure. They are given a chance to ask any questions before signing the consent form.