Motion Capture

We perform motion capture for a number of purposes, but most commonly, as patients walk and jog on the treadmill as a form of gait analysis.

Return to Sport screening: if a patient requests, or we identify a need to do motion capture and gait analysis

Osteotomy patients: before and after surgery to observe the change in leg alignment

Other studies: such as analysing the biomechanics after a knee replacement or ligament reconstruction.

What is motion capture data collection?

Reflective markers (plastic balls wrapped with reflective tape) will be placed on both of your legs with adhesive tape. This procedure will be done very carefully to avoid any discomfort. Several specialized cameras will be used to measure the location of these markers. You will not be recognized at any stage of the study from the images recorded by the cameras – they do not see anything besides the markers. These are used to construct a stick figure representation of you in the computer software.