Observership at SORI

The SORI Observership is designed around a structured 4 week programme.

You will gain experience on each aspect of patient care from initial presentation and consultation, through to surgery and outpatient follow-up. A broad range of both acute and elective knee disorders will be covered. The aim of the program is to provide you with comprehensive patient pathways for the most common knee conditions – OA, lower limb malalignment, ACL rupture, chondral damage, and meniscal injuries.

Alongside learning from the senior surgeons, there will be opportunities to observe and assist the clinical and research staff, learning how modern techniques are developing the patient pathway. This will include pre-operative planning and a variety of different outcome measurements such as MRI analysis, motion capture, gait analysis, and return-to-sport assessments.

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Feedback from our recent observers

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Dr Satwik Thareja (December 2022)

Dr Satwik Thareja is an observer from India. He completed his primary medical graduation in 2017 and awarded Masters of Surgery in Orthopaedics in the year 2021 , He worked as a senior resident at MGM Medical College Indore, India till 2022. His primary interests are in the field of sports injuries of knee.

Aleksei Shishkov

Dr Aleksei Shishkov (October 2019)

Dr Aleksei Shishkov was an observer from Russia. He is currently a trauma and orthopedic surgeon at City Clinical Hospital 18, Russia. Aleksei was educated at the Bashkir State Medical University Traumatology in Orthopaedic and Traumatology.

Thekla Antoniadou

Dr Thekla Antoniadou (March 2019)

Dr Thekla Antoniadou was an observer from Greece. She is currently an orthopedic surgery resident at the Attikon University Hospital in Athens. She was awarded her medical degree from University of Patras in 2012 and has been working as a resident since 2013. She is currently a PhD candidate at the National Technical University of Athens and a MSc student studying Exercise & Health at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens.