We are a non-profit organisation dedicated to research of knee orthopaedic disorders to empower patients and clinicians with improved diagnoses and treatments for restoring knees to optimal function.

This is accomplished by performing high quality research through partnerships with clinicians, scientists and engineers who are motivated by curiosity and committed to the pursuit of excellent patient outcomes. Our core activities are collection, management and reporting of clinical data, research and research training, as well as translating and communicating our findings to the public.



"To provide patients and clinicians with improved methods of diagnosis and treatment to restore function to knees affected by injury and disease."


To be recognised nationally and internationally as a centre of excellence in the treatment and prevention of knee disorders, through innovative and quality programs in areas of research, education, professional training and community service.


Our team is made up of a board of directors, surgeons, research staff, research and clinical fellows, and students.

Dr-Myles-Coolican Dr Myles Coolican FRACS
Dr-David-Parker Dr David Parker FRACS
Dr Brett Fritsch Dr Brett Fritsch FRACS
Samuel Grasso Samuel Grasso PhD
Yoong Lim Yoong Lim PhD
Darli Myat Darli Myat PhD
Gloria-Jeong Gloria Jeong MPhil
Nadia Mazari Nadia Mazari
Lionel Jeyaraj Lionel Jeyaraj FCCA, FIPA, FFA