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"To empower patients and clinicians with improved methods of diagnosis and treatment to restore knee function."

Patient Driven Technology

The use of patient-driven technology is a relatively new addition to surgical treatment methodologies over the past few years. The patient is comprehensively imaged pre-surgery, and software is used to create tools that guide the surgeon during the procedure, specifically based upon the measurements from the individual patient.

SORI has been highly involved in the testing of this new technology from studying various stages of patient driven technology implementation in total knee replacement. Our surgeons and researchers evaluated the performance of two different systems for a total knee replacement, the Smith and Nephew Visionaire system, and the Zimmer PSI system.

Meniscal Function

In addition to use of patient-driven technology for total knee replacements, SORI researchers also examined a new method for tibial slope assessment and how this might be relevant to the future of surgeries using patient-driven technology.

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