Sydney Orthopaedic Research Institute (SORI) is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to the study and research of orthopaedic disorders, in particular those associated with the knee joint. We aim to empower patients and clinicians with improved diagnoses and treatments for restoring knees to optimal function.



"To provide patients and clinicians with improved methods of diagnosis and treatment to restore function to knees affected by injury and disease."


To be recognised nationally and internationally as a centre of excellence in the treatment and prevention of knee disorders, through innovative and quality programs in areas of research, education, professional training and community service.

Dr-Myles-Coolican Dr. Myles Coolican
Dr-David-Parker Dr. David Parker
Dr Brett Fritsch Dr. Brett Fritsch



GNRB and ROTAM devices have arrived!

On Friday afternoon (27th November), SORI staff were excited to receive delivery of their brand new GNRB and ROTAM measurement devices from Genourob, France. We have set the devices up in our measurement room and are ready for training on 8th December 2017. After SORI staff are trained, we can commence using this with patients, […]

Website front page

SORI’s new website goes live!

After much hardwork and perseverance from the whole team, the new SORI website is now live!   The new design features: information on the past and present research conducted by the team A patient portal with information on all the conditions treated at NSKC and researched at SORI, particularly, what can be expected when taking […]